English Coach & Trainer

  • A top professional English language coach and trainer 
  • Owner of the specialist language school
    the 'Englisch Institut' in the Tyrol, Austria

  • Creator of the online language resource website 'level123english.com'
  • Studied at the universities of Edinburgh, Cambridge and London
  • Author of the book '20 countries, 4 continents and 3 wedding rings'

Ian Barnes - English Coach & Trainer

Ian Barnes is a top professional English language trainer and coach, particularly specialised in teaching English to German speakers.  Having initially trained as a teacher in England, he brought his pedagogical rigour to the teaching of the English language.  As a highly reflective practitioner, he has developed not only his own innovative ways to explain particular aspects of the English language, but also his own coaching methodology and philosophy.  He owns and leads the specialist English language school 'the Englisch Institut' in the Tyrol, Austria, and has created the online resource website 'level123english.com'.  

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