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About Ian Barnes

Ian Barnes is a highly experienced and very successful professional English trainer and coach.  He lives in the Tyrol, Austria, where he owns and runs the specialised English language school 'the Englisch Institut' (www.englischinstitut.at).  He also owns and creates all the resources for the online site 'level123english' (www.level123english.com) which has a large back catalogue of reading, listening and grammar resources for adults at all levels.


A highly reflective practitioner, Ian specialises in individual coaching, using techniques and a philosophy that he has developed through his years of experience.


Ian has also worked with dozens of companies, from small local firms right up to international corporations, as well as with many of their employees - particularly managers and senior leadership - on a private basis.  In addition to Business English training, Ian also offers communication coaching in fields such as presentation skills.  Furthermore, he undertakes translations from German into English, which are notable for their high quality.


At the Englisch Institut, Ian has taught conversational classes to small groups at all levels, often taking customers from a low level right through to advanced levels of ability.  The ongoing loyalty of his customers is a testament to the quality of his training. 


Ian graduated with a first-class degree in Geography from the University of Edinburgh, where he went on to gain a Master of Research degree that included professional communication skills training. Ian went on to gain a PGCE from the University of Cambridge and then a Master of Teaching degree from the University of London.  He taught in a secondary comprehensive school under ther Fast Track Teacher programme for several years, including working as Acting Head of Year and Acting Head of Department, until leaving England.  He wrote a book '20 countries, 4 continents and 3 wedding rings' about his travels around the world.  Ian is married and has two children.


Ian Barnes

Ian Barnes

Telephone: 0043 6606732370

E-Mail: ian@barnesenglish.com

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