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Ian Barnes, professional English coach & trainer, discovered that it was very difficult to find appropriate reading and listening resources for adults.  Level123english,com provides bite-sized texts and accompanying audio files about current issues.  In addition to the content and associated vocabulary, each text has a specific grammar focus and is followed by exercises and/or explanations.  Crucially, each text is written at three different levels, from 'easy' through 'intermediate' to 'advanced'.  This allows teachers and trainers to select the correct level for their students.  Individual learners can compare the levels to understand what makes the language more compex and higher-level.  


The level123english also contains a free vocabulary trainer.  This allows private individuals to enter their own lists of vocabulary, which are saved for them.  They can go online at any time and test themselves on their own lists of vocabulary.  The words can be moved between lists to help learning, but tests such as 'only words I got wrong last time' can also be selected.


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