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What is coaching?

Coaching basically takes customised tuition to a model to its extremely effective extreme.  As a coach, I listen intently to my customers' practical ability, and probe and test in order to assess their level.  This level can vary not only on a day-to-day basis, depending on energy levels etc., but will also change within a single lesson.  My 'spontaneous' assessments then inform me as to what the best thing to work on at that particular moment would be.  A customer's questions, use of language and emotional state will all contribute to our judgement calls.  


I effectively seek to identify the 'point of learning' of each customer at that particular time, and then teach them exactly that.  The customer should find it not only quite easy, but also natural and probably desirable to learn that point, because it is a reflection of what they are able to do and what they need or want to do next. Learning flows naturally and very quickly, because at this level of sensitivity it is incredibly effective.  


Of course, through my experience of training and coaching, I have developed my own particular explanations and training methods which enable me to help customers in ways that they tell me are far more effective than anything other language training they have experienced.


It is relatively easy to be a facilitator, although of course there are good and bad facilitators.  It is harder to be a teacher with a rigorous focus on learning.  And it is even more difficult to be a 'coach'.  I believe it takes a combination of natural teaching ability, a high degree of analytical ability, and extensive knowledge and experience of language teaching.  It is that combination which allows me to be at the top of my profession.

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