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People want to communicate about the topics that are relevant to them.  This might be what they did at the weekend in their daily lives; it may be what they do at work; it could be current local, national or even international issues.  Although the nature of the topic will be moderated by the trainer to make it accessible, the best topics are those chosen by the learners themselves.  This helps them to identify the vocabulary that they need most, and gives them the confidence that they can talk to other people in real life.  


Therefore, the communciation in my courses revolves around topics that are directly relevant to the learners - certainly not something that just happens to be on the next page of a textbook, perhaps written several years ago.  Such resources make the trainer's life easy, but the learning experience a poor one.  I take the path that is far more demanding of the trainer, but far more effective for the learner.  I believe that the trainer/coach must adapt his or her topics and content to fit the learner, and not the other way around.  


For example, the vocabulary that people want and need, especially at lower levels, is usually that which describes their own lives and experiences.  I see little point in spending time trying to learn lists of vocabulary or phrases from books etc. that you will not use because they are not relevant to you.  One day you might reach a stage where you want these words, but then would be the right time to learn them, not now.  When a person speaks about the things that they want to talk about, then they identify for themselves the words that they need to learn.  These words are their own vocabulary list and these should be learned as a priority, because these are needed most.  The same concept applies to Business English vocabulary - each person's list will depend on the nature of their job.  


This is why I created the free online vocabulary trainer at level123english.com which consists of personalised vocabulary lists, so that each learner can enter and learn their own words. 



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